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St Paul’s Porter

All Grain Kit from http://www.northernbrewer.com using S-05 dry yeast.


OG – 1.045

FG – 1.010

Brewed on – 10/4/08

Secondary in Carboy – 10/19/08

Racked to Keg and force carbed – 11/2/08

Tastes – Awesome!


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Devlihearted IPA on tap…

My newest creation, entitled Devilhearted IPA is on tap in the basement bar. (or should I say basement kegerator as the bar hasn’t been built yet)

Devlihearted IPA is designed to be a cross between Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, Victory’s Hop Devil and Adnams Broadside. So far so good!

Devilhearted IPA Label

The recipe may be found here.

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