St Paul’s Porter

All Grain Kit from http://www.northernbrewer.com using S-05 dry yeast.


OG – 1.045

FG – 1.010

Brewed on – 10/4/08

Secondary in Carboy – 10/19/08

Racked to Keg and force carbed – 11/2/08

Tastes – Awesome!


Devlihearted IPA on tap…

My newest creation, entitled Devilhearted IPA is on tap in the basement bar. (or should I say basement kegerator as the bar hasn’t been built yet)

Devlihearted IPA is designed to be a cross between Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, Victory’s Hop Devil and Adnams Broadside. So far so good!

Devilhearted IPA Label

The recipe may be found here.

Welcome to my new blog which will chronicle my adventures in homebrewing. I have chosen to name my venture The Humarock Homebrewing Company as an homage to my family’s favorite vacation spot. As you may already guess, many of my homebrews will derive their name from the area and its history, as well as our family’s memories of our yearly vacation at the beach.

Hope you enjoy!